The instructors offering classes at Blue Mountain Yoga+ are so wonderful!

You will encounter varying styles of instruction and levels of challenge. We want to meet your yoga needs and intentions, and invite you to read the biographies below for the special people who are the instructors at Blue Mountain Yoga+.

Julia Buggy, Owner & Yoga Instructor

Julia Buggy is a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 200, and RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher: 200 is the amount of contact training hours with a master level teacher). She has recently graduated from the 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program through 8 Limbs Yoga in Seattle.

Julia has specialized training in:

  • trauma-informed yoga
  • yoga for social justice
  • pre/postnatal yoga
  • Ayurveda for Healthy Aging
  • non-violent communication
  • the Yoga Sutras.

Julia took her first yoga class in 2001 in her hometown of Mesa, AZ. This quickly ignited her passion for delving deeper into the practice, and helped heal her body from a serious car accident.

In 2008, she began to work and study at Inner Vision Yoga. As a newlywed in 2011, Julia “sailed off into the sunset” to Encinitas, CA, known as the yoga capital of the United States. Then she felt guided to make her way up the coast landing on the Olympic Peninsula in the summer of 2013. 

Julia is passionate about holistic diet and lifestyle. She has worked in the supplement industry since 2006, and graduated as a Holistic Nutrition Educator from Bauman College in 2009 after attending anatomy, pre-med/ Nutrition courses at Arizona State University. 

She is the mother of 2 daughters, loves dark chocolate, organic food, outdoor adventures, crafts like jewelry-making and dancing.


Kalee Hall, Yoga Instructor

Kalee initially began practicing yoga as an elective course while attending college. Instantly she was hooked and continued her practice daily, oftentimes practicing outdoors in Sedona, Arizona. As her continuing love and compassion for yoga grew, she eventually ended up in Wilmington, North Carolina at Longwave Yoga where she earned her 200-hour teaching certification as well as an 8-week apprenticeship and a SUP (stand up paddleboard) Yoga teaching certification. In 2020 Kalee returned to the Pacific Northwest to live closer to her family.

Kalee specializes in:

  • Hatha flows
  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Restorative yoga

She creates a sense of harmony by uniting the body and mind in each class. Kalee likes to include music and chants during meditations with the use of her harmonium and Tibetan singing bowl. Rejuvenation can be found through meditation and asana and Kalee strives to make this accessible in her class. 


Kate Danta, Yoga Teacher

Dantayama Yoga (rehab yoga), E-RYT 500

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Massage Therapist, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist for the past 40 years, I have integrated a variety of yoga styles that I have practiced and been trained in and Dantayama Yoga was the result. The most defining feature of Dantayama Yoga is, “Support=Release”. Properly supported yoga poses allow muscles to let go of tension and return to their natural, relaxed state. In order to quiet the mind, we must first quiet the body to access a deeper, sweeter sense of self. We like to affectionately refer to this style as rehab yoga!!

Monday: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Wednesday: 11 AM to 12:30 PM

Friday: 11 AM to 12:30 PM


Lauren Gayl, Chakradance Facilitator

From an early age, I have been fascinated by the impact words, colors, and music have on our inner and outer worlds. And, throughout my life I have explored this impact in multiple ways. From using my words to open the minds of my clients when I was in the business world, to bringing people’s beings to life in my pastel portraits, I have always striven to help people articulate and find their truths. And then there is the music and the movement that helps us anchor those truths in our bodies, most often through dance.

This lifetime passion to better understand and embody the power of words, colors, and music, and to use those tools to help myself and others become our clearest selves, has led me to explore multiple communication, creation, and transformation modalities over the years. And thankfully, 2 years ago that passionate exploration led me to Chakradance, Rhythm for Your Soul. I cannot imagine a more beautiful, complex, yet uncomplicated way to feed my passions, and bring deep peace and healing to the people I serve. Come dance with me…feel the words, embrace the colors, live the music!

In addition to being a Chakradance Facilitator I am a:

  • Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programmer
  • Soon to be Certified Inamoj, Children’s Wellness Program Facilitator
  • Reiki II Distance Healer
  • Pastel Portrait Artist


Mary Campbell, Meditation Instructor and Pranic Healing

Hi, I am Mary Campbell. I am a lifelong resident of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My family and I currently live in Port Angeles, Washington, where the mountains meet the sea! I practice Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. I earned my Associate Certified Pranic Healing Certificate, through the Institute for Inner Studies, Inc. 
Meditaion with Mary:
I am currently hosting one evening meditation each month. The evening session will be a full moon meditation, so the dates change according to what month we are in. Please check the current schedule on the website to see when the full moon meditation will take place. These meditations sessions are offered in person at the studio or online live stream via zoom. Please pre register with me through email or by phone. That way I can save your spot at the studio or send you a link for the online meeting. 
Meditation experience:
I will guide you through gentle warm up exercises before meditation. We will then sit down together and practice special Pranic breathing techniques, which are focused on quieting our minds. This alone, will help bring more awareness to our body, our emotions, and our thoughts. After breathing, I will guide you through a very loving and heart based meditaion called, Twin Hearts Meditation. We will end our meeting together with the same exercises that we did in the beginning. It is a wonderful way to start your week! Those who practice Twin Hearts Meditaion regularly report feeling more relaxed, centered, peaceful and calm.
 (Meditation on Twin Hearts was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. I am a student of this teacher, so I like to give credit out of respect.)
Pranic Healing Sessions:
I am offering a new service at Blue Mountain Yoga + Emoji I am so excited to get this started!
Private Pranic Healing Sessions in person at the studio or….  Distance Healing sessions by phone or via zoom!
Please feel free to call me, text, or email to schedule your appointment.
Information on Pranic Healing:
Pranic Healing was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui in the Philippines. For more information please visit:


Micheal Yeager, Tai Chi Instructor

Michael Yeager has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi for over thirty- five years. He teaches three different styles of Tai Chi–Yang, Sun and Chen, as well as the straight sword, broad sword and cane forms.

In addition, he practices and teaches several styles of Kung Fu. His website is an ongoing history and resource for his students, containing videos of the Tai Chi exercises and forms taught in his classes.

Michael retired as a Mental Health Therapist in 2009.  He is a writer. His blog address is and his published novel is called Above the Labyrinth.  He is currently working on a second novel.


Francesca Siena, Sound Baths with Tibetan Bowls

Francesca is now offering monthly Sound Baths and Tibetan Bowls at Blue Mountian Yoga+. She is a Maha Reiki Teacher/ Practitioner, a Maha Cranial Practitioner, and a Certified Reflexologist.

She founded Artemisia Healing Arts in 2019 with the desire to be of service. At the time, she was studying Reiki and Tibetan Cranial was given the opportunity to serve the Tacoma and Sequim community. As she stepped into the work she was guided on how to tune in with subtle energies. When engaging with the archetypes such as Art, Harmony, and Nature’s healing frequencies we easily tap into Joy, Passion, and Prosperity Consciousness. We then begin to receive unique gifts and can inspire others by simply being ourselves in the most natural and authentic way. The Universe supports us completely as we align with our purpose.

(253)961-3181 call or text to begin Your Sacred Journey

Michelle Pruden, Nutrition and Mindset Coach

Michelle is a native to the Peninsula and loves her community and connecting to others. She works as a Life and Health Coach and recently launched her own business here in Sequim. Michelle is excited  to work with Blue Mountain Yoga to offer her services and be a part of a wellness collective. She received training at Earth Based Institute where she graduated in 2018 as a Certified Nature-Connected Life Coach. Her passion involves helping others connect to the world around them, discover their deepest needs, and heal where there is pain. Once the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in 2020 and our world we once knew shifted she found herself enrolling in a course to become a Health Coach so she could help others focus on staying well during these wild times.  She graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition in early 2021 as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She now offers 1-on-1 Coaching and works to help each person discover a well-balanced and healthy life.

Michelle specializes in:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Nutrition (Healthy Meal Plans)
  • Healthy Habits
  • Self Care
  • Finding Community & Having Support
  • Mindfulness

Michelle is now offering a 3-Month Wellness Program where you will receive a 10-Pass To Blue Mountain Yoga! Contact Michelle about working together. She is now scheduling in-person and virtual appointments at Blue Mtn. Yoga+ on Fridays between 1 and 6 pm.



Rachel Johnson-Lewis, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Rachel Johnson-Lewis is a licensed mental health counselor with over 15 years experience. She has a masters degree in counseling from Utah State University. Her continuing education has focused on trauma work, art therapy, and nature therapy. Rachel loves helping people grow through their feelings and discover what works for them.


Chelsea Anne, Workshop Facilitator

Hello! My name is Chelsea. I’m excited and grateful to have this opportunity to present workshops at Blue Mountain Yoga+. I am naturally sensitive, empathetic, curious, and driven, and I am passionate about the journey of personal transformation, and the mind-body connection. I love to make learning fun and experiential. Please reach out to me if you’d like to request any specific types of classes. I am certified and qualified to teach:

  • Earth Energy Healing: Chakra balancing, core star expansion, grounding and centering, core energetics style movement practices, somatic awareness, inner child healing, Higher Self work, etc…
  • Guided meditations and visualizations for the evolution of consciousness 
  • Relationship skills: Boundaries, communication, and asking for what you want
  • Reiki classes in the lineage of the Majestic Order of the Dragon 
  • Eco-feminism: Tapping into the divine feminine consciousness of Mother Earth to support and sustain life
  • Consent training (I am a current student and soon to be certified in Wheel of Consent) and more…

I also offer home Spaceclearing, and I work one-on-one with women offering intuitive hands-on energy work, hypnotherapy, treatment massage, and personal coaching. I have a deep reverence for my many teachers, with over 20 years of study from numerous wise women, matriarchs, and foremothers. For a detailed list of my credentials please feel free to ask.