9-10 am Restorative Yoga and Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath w/ Theresa Clark West & Julia Buggy, tgclark@olypen.com, (360)461-4163

9:45-10:15 am The Dynamic Body, Movement Circle w/ Iliana, www.ilianarojero.com, (415)425-1749, lilos@ilianarojerowilson.com

10:30-11:15 am Qi Gong w/ Iris, (310)210-7894, iristurney@protonmail.com

10:45-11:45 am Beginner Yoga w/ Rho, yogirho@gmail.com, YogiRho.com

11-11:30 am Moving To Heal  w/ Pauline Osborne MN, RN, Healing Guide & Health Educator, www.movingtoheal.net

11:30-1 pm Reiki Psychic Energy Healing w/ Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki www.rainshadowreiki.com

Noon- 12:55 pm Rhythm Meditations w/ Zorina Wolf of Whole Person Drumming, www.Villageheartbeat.com

1 pm Ribbon Cutting!

1:15- 2:10 pm Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) as a Tool for Self-awareness, Growth, and Healing” w/ Melanie. Learn how Vedic astrology differs from Western astrology w/ an overview of what the chart represents and how it is read. Also learn how one’s Natal chart, Dasha cycles, and current transits can enhance self-awareness and healing. Attendees will receive a special price for private readings! www.lifeforceayurveda.com, mamchugh65@gmail.com, (808)829-1940

1:15-2:15 pm Live Music w/ Jah Sun

1:30-1:45 pm Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine w/ Pauline Osborne MN, RN, Healing Guide & Health Educator, www.movingtoheal.net

1:45-2:15 pm Capoeira Demo by Joe, opcapoeira@gmail.com, Facebook.com/opcapoeira

2:15-3 pm Dances of Universal Peace w/ Premdaya, premdaya63@gmail.com

2:20-2:50 pm Tai Chi w/ Mike, mhyeager@hotmail.com, (360)531-3981

2:30-3 pm Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, and Clean Beauty w Jess Goss, www.anherbandlovestory.com, anherbandlovestory@gmail.com

3-3:45 pm Reiki for Everyday People w/ Josslyn Streett of Rain Shadow Reiki, www.rainshadowreiki.com

3 to 3:45 pm Outdoor Family/ Kids Yoga (all ages) w/ Tasha, mindfultasha@gmail.com

3:10-3:45 pm Food Intolerances w/ Dr. Lara Plecher ND, Dr.LaraNHC@gmail.com, (360)809-0021

3:45-4:15 pm Dance Mix w/ Michelle (family-friendly), (253)495-3180 

4-4:30 pm The Dynamic Body, Movement Circle w/ Iliana, www.ilianarojero.com, (415)425-1749, lilos@ilianarojerowilson.com

4:30-5 pm Intro to Bellydance Class w/ Michelle, (253)495-3180 

5-630 pm  Salish Sea Kirtan Band w/ Natavar, hinitavar@gmail.com

6:30-8 pm, Outdoor Dance Party! The suggested contribution is $10 per headset (3 channels of playlists to choose from) They light up with 3 different colors so you can see who is dancing to what song. Volume is adjustable. All ages are welcome. So much fun!!!

Open House Outdoor Booths 1-4 pm 

Raffle Tickets at the Blue Mountain Yoga+ booth, Great Prizes!!! grab a current schedule and flyers, free stickers

YMCA, www.olympicpeninsulaymca.org, Sequim (360)477-4381, Port Angeles (360)452-9244

Meet the Doc! Dr. Lara Plecher a Naturopath from Natural Health Clinic Sequim, Dr.LaraNHC@gmail.com, (360)809-0021

Visceral Manipulation Assessments w/ Nicole Stevens Doctor of Physical Therapy, nicole@enlightentherapy360.com, www.enlightentherapy360.com

The Sequim Healing Clinic will be offering healing sessions with multiple practitioners, sequimhealingclinic@gmail.com

Ivy Phillips, LMT Healing and Bodywork, ivyphillipsbodyworkandhealing.com, ivyelizabethphillips@gmail.com, (360)460-1491

Rain Shadow Reiki is offering mini Reiki chair sessions & mini Spirit Guides Readings www.rainshadowreiki.com

Mini Massage, treatments, and energy clearing, (2 for 1 Gift Certs! show deal) w/ Chelsea Anne from In to It, EarthworksEnergetics@gmail.com

Creating a holistically beautiful life w/ Jess Goss, An Herb and Love Story, www.anherbandlovestory.com, anherbandlovestory@gmail.com

Acupuncture w/ Jason Taylor, www.jtacupuncture.com, (206)569-8255

Reiki Healing or Akashic Reading. 15-minute sessions with Premdaya Wajida Mathieu,  premdaya63@gmail.com


Massage Therapy & Wellness, chair massages

ISHIL, Soul Purpose Alignment, Integral.Shift of.Humanity.In.Love, www.ishil.com

Frequency balancing with bioresonance, terahertz, and pure essential oils w/ Kelly of Balance and Harmony, frequencybalancing@gmail.com, (360)477-2623

Ayurvedic Pulse Reading and Daily Rhythm w/ Shannon McCall; Ayurveda Practitioner, BA, E-RYT, AP, www.livingintobalance.com

Acupuncture-Moxibustion, Arica Olson, Violet Flame Medicine, 321 N Sequim Ave Ste A, (206)445-3671

SeaTsu Sauna, SPC, Mobile Sauna Service + Forest Sauna & Bathing Sanctuary in Blyn, Herbal Foot Baths for group events or sauna add-on,  hydration with plant extracts! www.seatsusauna.com

Inner Peace Healing Center, Theta Healing w/ Rowena Jenkins, (206)963-6850, innerpeace801.com, innerpeace801@gmail.com

Organic Cookies baked by Martha Seyler, (802)343-2421, mseyler9@gmail.com

Moving To Heal w/ Pauline Osborne, MN, RN. Wearable phototherapy technology including stem cell activation, environmental health consults, and joyful, healing movement. www.movingtoheal.net

Shelley Stratton w/ Bodhi Tree Yoga, www.bodhitreeyoga.org

Energy Healing & Wellness / Crystal Bed / Brazil Healing Portal Retreats with Kirtana Devi, activating one’s ability to heal from physical/emotional trauma, stress and chronic illness. KirtanaDevi.com

Grace Lambert, Author of How Did I Not Know About This? Becoming Pain-Free Through Posture Therapygrace@posture-first.com, (360)797-5537

SGI-USA, Buddhism for Daily Life, Sequim Group, www.sgi-usa.org

Chair Massage w/ James, james@rainbowbodymassagetherapy.com, www.rainbowbodymassagetherapy.com