Teaching Yoga & More in Our Community

Welcome to Blue Mountain Yoga+ Owned by Julia Buggy

We are a movement, meditation, and healing arts studio. Our aim is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and beautiful atmosphere for classes, workshops, individual or group rentals, meetings, and gatherings. This is part of a mission to connect individuals and instructors in our community to empowering tools for positive transformation that cultivate stress relief, vitality, health, rejuvenation and wellness. We are located in the heart of Carlsborg, in the shadow of the majestic Blue Mountain of the Olympic Mountain range. 

Please see the schedule page for a full list of classes and events or the rental page to inquire if the studio would be a good fit for your event. We do have a restroom available and changing area. We also have thick blankets, bolsters(please cover w/ towel), straps and blocks if you do not have your own, and 15 folding chairs. 

The plus sign signifies we are more than just yoga, our studio is open to all respectful individuals who will collectively care for this space. It is recommended to remove your shoes upon entering to keep the floors as clean as possible. If you need to wear shoes for therapeutic or medical reasons please discuss with your facilitator and we will make an exception. 

What to wear/ bring to class- comfortable, stretchy clothes that do not interfere with range of motion. Individual Instructors may have specific recommendations based on the type of class/ session. Please bring a water bottle, a mat, and any props you wish to use. 

History of Blue Mountain Yoga+

Julia Buggy has been teaching at Blue Mountain Yoga + since 2016, and became the owner in 2020. 

Originally the studio was opened by our amazing Instructor Cheryl Bell in January of 2012 as “Lapis Sky Yoga”. Joni Johnson took over the ownership in July of 2016, and renamed the studio “Blue Mountain Yoga+”. Joni had the inclusive vision of offering different types of classes like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and even dance.

In 2020, the Covid- 19 pandemic hit and closed down the studio. Joni Johnson invited Julia to purchase the studio, and she readily agreed, not wanting to see the studio closed. It has become such a wonderful gathering place where friendships have been formed and it continues to be a beacon for healing in our community.  

We welcome practitioners of all body types and levels of proficiency. We are dedicated to making your classes with us as fulfilling, restoring and rewarding as possible. We invite you to schedule a class with us, or call for more information.